Hi! I’m Lucie, a 3D artist currently looking for a job.

I love making 3D characters, humans but also monsters and creatures. I’m also super interested into learning new things game-art related! I like animation and fxs, so sometimes I try to incorporate those in my projects.

Otherwise, I’m a fantasy fan whether it be in books or in video games. I am a big fan of greek mythology, with its gods, its creatures and its stories.

I have worked on those games:
Good Job! (Nintendo Switch)
Galaga Wars (Android & iOS)
My Tamagotchi Forever (Android & iOS)
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars (Android & iOS, Steam)

I also have an artstation page!

Contact me at l.a.c.pelletier@gmail.com or on LinkedIn!
Curriculum Vitae (FR)
Resume (EN)